The BOLD & GOLD National Team and Site Directors on a training hike at the Point Reyes National Seashore.

BOLD & GOLD Instructors make your expedition special.

Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Despite their differences, they have a few things in common:

  • They love exploring our natural world and doing so with other people.
  • They have the technical skills, training, and experience to adventure safely in a variety of outdoor settings.
  • They love to teach – sharing their passion for teamwork and outdoor adventure is a mission!
  • They are engaging, fun, and supportive of all BOLD & GOLD participants.
  • They want to make your experience the absolute best it can be!

Want to be an Instructor?
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On the ground support

At every BOLD & GOLD there are dedicated staff making the programs happen all year round. They are designing trips, working with partners to connect young leaders in their community with programs, getting the equipment, and making the best trail mix combinations ever! Meet some of our program staff:

Mackenzie (MackMo) Morrison

Wilderness Program Director at Camp Hi-Rock
More about MackMo

Santiago Ramos

BOLD & GOLD Director at the YMCA of Metro Detroit
More about Santiago

Our national team works to support local programs across the country

They believe in the power of the wilderness and have dedicated their careers to empowering young people through BOLD & GOLD. Working at different YMCAs across the country, they develop national partnerships, raise scholarship funds, and train staff in the BOLD & GOLD curriculum.

Meet our national team:

Courtney Aber

National BOLD & GOLD Director
More about Courtney

Michael Davis

National BOLD & GOLD Projects and Operations Administrator
More about Michael

Robin Chiles

BOLD & GOLD Partnership and Outreach Advisor
More about Robin

Barbie Nibur

National BOLD & GOLD Program Manager
More about Barbie

Keith Coss

BOLD & GOLD YMCA Network and Strategic Advisor
More about Keith