Learning a new song while taking a break on the trail

Nothing compares to the joy of music in the wilderness

Bringing music into nature adds to the joy of being outside. Create long lasting memories as you jam with friends.

Music brings people together like nothing else. We carry the magic of songs into the wilderness to learn and play together. With a pack full of instruments, all your other activities will be even better. Together we sing and play through the woods. Perform concerts in a high alpine meadow or across a peaceful lake. Be inspired by the world and beauty around you.

All musical instruments and abilities are welcome, as long as you can carry it in your pack or sing it from your heart!

Why Music?
Music is proven to make you happier.

Imagine playing in a band at the top of a mountain or jamming around a raging campfire or singing in a breath-taking concert hall made of huge trees. The joys of music are undefinable and can only truly be felt. Relax and enjoy the peace that comes with playing music with others.

Music is universal.

Music is part of every culture on Earth and there is a reason for that. Music goes beyond language and brings people together on a deeper level. Singing a song with someone is like going on a journey together. Do both on these trips.

Music creates unforgettable memories.

Do you forget all of the names and dates from your last history test but somehow you know every lyric from your favorite song? Music adds emotion to our experiences and brightens your memories. Even more than that, learning how to play an instrument is the best gift you can give yourself. If you know how to make music, music is wherever you go.