A clear perspective and the belief you can do anything come at the top of a climb in the Cascades, Washington

Mountaineering trips are epic. Imagine standing on top of a mountain where the whole world is below you.

You’ll find challenge and explore the freedom of the backcountry. You will learn to work as a team, discover your strengths, and embrace being in the heart of the mountains.

Mountaineering is a way of travel in the mountains. At times you will be crossing snow fields (even in summer) or steep rocky areas. You will use special equipment to help you travel, including ice axes, ropes, and harnesses. You and your team will tie together to climb sections that would be more hazardous alone.

You can do this. It is fun and rewarding. Together with your group, you will learn new skills such as traveling as part of a rope team. You’ll develop friends you rely on and be inspired by the sense of wonder you develop in the mountains. This is your chance to challenge yourself with a supportive group and great Instructors. Discover the joy on top of the world.

Why Mountaineering?
Mountaineering is inspiring.

Humans have always been drawn to the mountains. They make us think of adventure and opportunity. Your BOLD & GOLD trip will be an adventure. You will be awed by the scenery, by the sun rising over the peaks, by the stars, and by the confidence and courage you develop.

Mountains make strong friendships.

This is a great opportunity to form strong ties with new friends. Groups that climb together work together as a true team. You’ll develop new relationships and enjoy your time in the mountains as a group.

Mountaineering is an opportunity to learn new skills.

Courage. Confidence. Emotional intelligence. Community awareness. Wonder. These skills are the foundation of leadership at BOLD & GOLD. They will be skills you can take with you and apply throughout your life. You will also learn climbing techniques, clear communication, and how to care for yourself and your teammates as you work together in the mountains.