Bold & Gold

Be Yourself, Make New Friends, and Find Your Own Trail

Join us.
Adventure awaits.

Courage, confidence, and wonder come naturally in the great outdoors. From day trips to multi-week adventures, hiking to climbing to canoeing, teens of all backgrounds come together for extraordinary adventure and deep friendships. They develop their own leadership skills and style as they challenge themselves to see what is possible.

Feeling confident and courageous in the White Mountains, New Hampshire

Are you curious?
That's all you need.

We take teens 11-18 into wild spaces to make friends, have fun, and learn to be leaders, team members and caretakers of the environment. They sleep beneath the stars in the mountains, play capture the flag among the old growth forests, or build sand castles on the beach. Everywhere they will have experiences that are only possible with us.

Jumping for joy on the docks at Ross Lake, Washington

Come along.
You belong.

Participants who go on BOLD & GOLD trips are people just like you — interested in the world and curious to learn more. Each of our groups is unique and diverse, reflecting our greater community. This intentional mixture of viewpoints, backgrounds, and life experiences means we all become better leaders and members of society.

A new group of friends enjoying the outdoors and each other

“My son didn’t just have a “great time,” he came back with a better understanding of himself, a greater appreciation for the beauty and the challenge of the outdoors, and the experiential learning he took part in reminded him that there is nothing as powerful as building human connections and coming to know, rely on, and appreciate new people. and he had fun! Thank you!”

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