Developing grit and resilience while learning to trust at Squamish, British Columbia

Ever wonder about the view from the top? Skills, fun, challenge, and a great view — climbing has it all.

Climbing helps you do more than you ever thought you could do. These trips give you everything you need to climb in a safe and exciting way.

It’s fun to scramble up a rock. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our experienced staff are specialists at teaching safety protocols, how to use ropes, how to climb cliffs, and how to enjoy the work with your team. Climbing helps you train your focus, communication, and appreciation of the view.

Why Climbing?
Feel more confident.

Climbing trips not only help you develop technical skills to be a skilled climber, but they also help you develop confidence in yourself and trust in others. After a climbing trip, you will feel more capable. After each climb, you will grow more courageous and ready to take on the complexities of life.

Challenge yourself in a safe way.

Be careful once you get a taste of climbing; you may not want to do anything else. When else do you get to defy heights and scramble up huge rocks without the risk of serious injury? Climbing is a fun way to test yourself. It builds resilience and grit, which will aid you as you face the challenges in your daily life.

Climbing helps your mind and body to work together.

Climbing is both a physical and mental exercise. The rock is a puzzle that you solve through body movements and different techniques. It’s a great way to train your brain while developing balance, agility, and coordination.