Finding a sense of wonder deep in the North Cascades, Washington

Nature is the original muse. Come explore your creativity.

You’ll see views that will take your breath away and discover the tiny perfection of a rock. In taking time to create, you’ll experience the outdoors differently. Art is a great way to enhance an outdoor trip.

Nature provides lots of inspiration. From a beautiful sunset to a perfect pinecone, the outdoors has inspired many artists. The first paints in history came from natural sources. In our case, we may use watercolors to paint the vistas in front of us or draw the trees surrounding our campsites. Sometimes we’ll arrange leaves or rocks as sculptures (always leaving things as we found them). Looking with an artist’s eye at the world is a great way to see beauty and perfection in nature.

Why Art?
Show us your perspective.

In our always-on world, we often absorb information, other people’s thoughts, and ways of seeing things. We respond to everything coming at us. Take this opportunity to focus on your perspective and express yourself. Art is about sharing how we see the world.

Increase positive thoughts.

There are both physical and mental benefits from creating art and sharing something with the world. Art creates a break from your usual thought cycle by focusing and temporarily pushing aside worries. Art has been proven to reduce stress.