Up close and personal with nature on Ross Lake, Washington

Experience the thrill of the chase! Hooking your first fish is one of the more satisfying moments in life.

There is something special about a deep blue lake or a bubbling stream with a rod in your hand, finding the best spot to fish from, and getting your lure or bait in just the right spot. There’s a reason people tell fishing stories — come create your own.

Your group will explore the world with rods and reels by your sides as you make your way into the wilderness. Stand beside water so clear you can literally see the fish swim by or better yet go for your bait. Catch and release to preserve these amazing creatures or prepare an outstanding meal with the fish YOU caught. We’ll teach you everything you need to know — how to prepare your fishing equipment, what type bait to use, how to safely cast, and how to reel a fish in. You will develop the fundamentals of a true fisherperson — as a respectful caretaker of the environment.

Why Fishing?
Fishing is simply fun.

Sharing time fishing is a great way to make friends. Fishing is a lifetime skill; chances are good this will be one of many fishing trips. Beautiful waters, relaxing in the sun, fresh air; what’s not to love?

It's also exciting.

Fishing is an age-old art of pursuing and catching. The excitement lies in the challenge, such as stalking a wild trout or finding just the lure. There’s a reason it’s called fishing not catching — you never know which cast is going to be the one that hooks a fish.

Fishing is a great way to engage with nature.

To catch a fish, you need to be tuned into the world around you. Nothing brings a sense of being alive like time spent casting for trout or finding where the walleye are biting. It’s also a fun way to understand the importance of being good stewards of our natural resources.