Expressing herself after a fun day backpacking on the Olympic Coast, Washington.

You’ll see stars that look close enough to grab, watch a deer walk quietly into your camp, cook cinnamon rolls over a campfire, or be awed by beautiful scenery. Together with your team, you’ll head out on an adventure made just for you.

This is your chance to be independent, have fun, discover hidden places, and relax with friends. You will pack everything you need into your backpack and hike along a trail stopping along the way to enjoy the view or play games. At night you and your team will set up camp, make dinner, and enjoy being among nature. We’ll teach you everything you need to know from how to set up a tent to making campfires to roasting marshmallows and creating the world’s best s’more. We’ll also make sure you have all the right gear to travel comfortably in the woods. Backpacking is challenging at times, but the view is always worth it.

Why Backpacking?
Backpacking gives you freedom that you can’t find anywhere else.

Through Backpacking, you will learn what it means to be independent. There are no parents or teachers on a BOLD & GOLD trip, just experienced wilderness instructors that will expertly guide you as you learn about what it means to be part of a team and a skilled outdoors person. Backpacking takes you to places that you can’t get to any other way, and there you will find freedom.

You will have fun and make friends through backpacking.

Backpacking is the perfect amount of challenge to bring a team together and help you feel capable and successful. Nothing compares to reaching the top of a mountain and seeing how far you’ve come. Adventuring with a group of skilled instructors and other young folks, you will create friendships through backpacking that are like no other in your life.

Backpacking allows you to escape and exhale.

Forget about homework, take a break from the pressures of being a teenager, step away from pollution and noise. You will be surrounded by the peace of nature, and you will have a chance to breathe and gain some perspective. Many young people say that backpacking for them was a life-changing experience that they will never forget.