Finding peace, close friends, and a sense of wonder in the forest

Yoga on the trail is all about relaxing and tuning into the amazing places you are. Tune into your body as you tune into the world around you.

Imagine doing a sun salutation as you watch the sun set over the ocean or standing in tree pose among towering redwoods.

This is an opportunity to try yoga for the first time or up your practice by trying yoga outdoors. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a yoga routine, which will focus primarily on stretching and relaxing. Our sleeping mats do double duty as yoga mats as well. No yoga experience is necessary.

Why Yoga?
Enjoy other activities more.

Backpacking, canoeing, climbing – yoga is the perfect complement to help you loosen up your muscles after a long day and feel ready to do other activities with a renewed sense of energy. As you gain strength and flexibility through yoga, you get even better at those other activities.

Get centered.

Being in nature is one of the best places to combine spirit, mind, and body – just like yoga.

Discover balance.

Yoga is about balance: physical balance and mental balance. A BOLD & GOLD trip is also all about creating balance — learn to balance an electronic world with a natural one, a noisy or chaotic environment with a calm one.