Barbie Nibur

Barbie is an instructor with BOLD & GOLD primarily leading trips out of the Central Connecticut YMCA with Camp Hi-Rock

Young people continually surprise me with their wisdom.

I love to see the leadership progression that is a part of BOLD & GOLD and how participants thrive when given the opportunity.

Many things naturally happen in the outdoors, like feeling more confident and creating connections with others, but with BOLD & GOLD they become special – all part of one amazing package. The final night in a trip, around the campfire, hearing the reflections of participants and seeing their growth is always a highlight for me. It’s a very rewarding feeling to watch the group starting out nervous and unsure and then by the end of the trip they are super confident and don’t want to go home. That the groups are from different backgrounds and wouldn’t otherwise know each other makes it even more amazing.

I have a degree in astronomy and geology and love to share the history and stories of the natural world with participants. I research the areas that we will be hiking and climbing before a trip so that I can teach about what we are seeing to those that are interested. It’s fun to combine two of my passions into one experience.

BOLD & GOLD really adds to our programs by bringing the outdoors back to our community. I have been a part of this camp since I was a young and sharing the joys of hiking, swimming, and being a part of the community with no access to screens and other distractions feels like full circle.