Josh Epstein

Josh is the Lead Trainer for BOLD & GOLD. He travels the country teaching staff how to implement the program and maximize impact in young people’s lives.

I am very serious about the importance of playing ridiculous games

Traveling around the country as the Lead Trainer for BOLD & GOLD, gives me a unique perspective on the ways this program fits into the local community and brings people together. I teach folks how to use games to bring people together, use BOLD & GOLD curriculum to create a powerful experience, inspire young people, and manage group dynamics.

I first led trips for Outward Bound in Florida, where I developed an appreciation of the importance of working with a group and having the participants be an active part of leading the group. Since those initial trips, I have focused on how to incorporate youth voice into outdoor programs and developing tools for staff to truly work as partners with young people to develop their leadership skills.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado romping in the forest and scrambling up rocks. After graduating from Claremont College, I started an environmental education program at an elementary school in Seattle during which time I became one of the very first BOLD volunteers. After 11 years, I remain involved because I see every day the way young people’s lives change during this program.

Playing music in the mountains is my idea of a good time. I enjoy getting outside as much as possible with my fiancé, Laurie, and our rescue dog Ellie.