Partnering is not just a word with BOLD & GOLD …it is a part of our DNA.

We walk our talk. We teach it to young people and we practice it ourselves; working with others is the best way to do the most good. We look for partners who feel the same way.

The dream of offering a diverse group of teens a BOLD & GOLD program experience is made possible by our partners. They are committed to improving young people’s lives and building stronger communities through the outdoors and we are thrilled to be working with each of them.

We believe by creating strategic partnerships with a common goal of empowering young people, focusing on what we each do best, we do more together. Whether it’s connecting young people to the program, providing scholarship funds or gear, advocacy for getting youth onto public lands, or expanding the communities that connect with the outdoors these partnerships are a vital part of BOLD & GOLD. Our partners include other nonprofits, for-profits, foundations, and government sectors that want to have a greater impact.

Local BOLD & GOLDs are also supported by people and organizations that are committed to offering all youth leadership opportunities and an opportunity to experience the power of the outdoors.

Interested in partnering with BOLD GOLD?

To learn more or share your ideas about how you can support BOLD & GOLD either nationally or in your local community, please contact Courtney Aber

These are some of the amazing companies and organizations that make BOLD & GOLD possible: