Gear Needs

Having the right gear gets us there comfortably, and safely.

Over 100 trips each summer equals about 700 days outdoors, 1,400 meals cooked, 3,000 miles walked, and 700 peaceful nights spent under the stars.

Yet with over 1,000 uses per year, even the highest quality gear has a limited lifespan when faced with the rigors of extended, everyday use. We host youth in 21 different locations, and each has its own unique climate, and each location offers different programs depending on the terrain and weather. It’s not our aim to be picky – the programs and climate dictate what we need, so while we appreciate your generosity, we have specific needs, and would be happy to discuss those further. Since gear is a major hurdle we need to overcome to be able to offer additional programs in other cities/locations, with your help we’ll be able to expand to other areas, and impact even more lives.”