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McGaw YMCA will not be offering BOLD & GOLD in the Summer of 2021.

Experienced outdoor leaders serving a diverse midwestern community
Adventure Trips have been a focus of McGaw YMCA Camp Echo since the early 1980s and grown in recent years to offer even more options.

Camp Echo works with intention to fully serve our community. Adventure Trips are built around the foundations of safety, community, and personal growth. And, of course, FUN! The physical challenge and environments of Michigan’s natural wonders and destinations further afield, create an ideal environment to step out of our comfort zones and open our minds to learning. Whether hiking or paddling, hard skills will be learned in addition to the social-emotional and group living skills.

Gorgeous Midwest Adventures

We explore the amazing beauty available in our region.  The clear lakes and naturally cool woods offer the perfect place for summer adventures.

Determination and Preparedness

We’ll spend time at the Camp Echo Adventure Trip Center before embarking on our adventures.  Being a part of getting our group ready to head out is rewarding!

Read trip descriptions and find out more on the local YMCA webpage

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