Financial Aid/Scholarships

Learning from and celebrating each other at sunset on the Olympic Coast, Washington.

We believe there are valuable lessons to learn in leading others that have different perspectives and backgrounds.

The best leadership experiences include diverse groups. To make this possible, we are committed to offering financial aid to families that could not otherwise afford it.

What sets great leaders apart is the ability to create connections and unite. They recognize we all have things to teach. And to learn. It is part of what makes groups and life interesting.

More than 50% of our participants receive financial aid. Diversity in the Outdoors scholarships are available for up to 95% of the cost for qualifying youth. Applying is easy and private — contact your local BOLD & GOLD for more information. The national BOLD & GOLD team as well as each location raises funds each year to provide support for young leaders for whom cost is a barrier.  

Often, teens can apply for scholarships themselves.

If you are a young person who would love to go on a BOLD & GOLD trip adn finances are a concern, most Ys will let you apply for financial aid with your parents or on your own. You must have permission to participate, but we can help. Call or email one of our locations with trips you’re interested in — we would love for you to experience the amazing outdoors with us. There are also financial aid forms in the paperwork section of most locations.

Financial differences between us are a reality. For a variety of reasons, our finances can change quickly for the better or the worse. At BOLD & GOLD, we believe our personal resources do not define who we are as a person. Perspectives from all levels of human diversity, including financial resources, are important and are to be respected.